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Fintech sector: Payment

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2016

Funding raised: - 2015 : 1 million - 2017 : 1 million - 2019 : 2 million

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Grégoire Yakan, CEO 

Mr. Claude Grunizsky, CHAIRMAN 

Elevator pitch

Koosmik provides financial services through a mobile app designed for the young or more generally unbanked population in Africa. Users get a free mobile wallet as a hub of services including payments, micro-loans, savings and insurance. Koosmik is a Luxembourg-based startup that raised more than €3mn to launch services in Africa, starting with pilot coutry Togo. Confident in their initial traction with more than 80,000 users, Koosmik is now looking to accelerate growth and expand further on the continent.
Koosmik has been an award-winning company since 2019, with two significant prizes at Paris Fintech Forum and CES Las Vegas. Led by two entrepreneurs who complement each other (Claude Grunitzky - Chairman and Grégoire Yakan Founder & CEO)

Problem solved

1) Online purchases (goods and services, bill payments, tax payments) without a bank account (so without a credit card)
2) Mobile Money Interoperability  for instance converting e-money from Orange Money (Senegal) to M-Pesa (Kenya) 
3) Instant remittance: sending money from bank accounts or credit cards (in Europe or US mainly) to unbanked people (in Africa), as simple as an online purchase

Solution / technology

Mobile application 


Koosmik is independent from banks and telecom providers, offering financial services and interoperability at a Pan-African level.

Market size

African Continent, especially Sub-Saharan Africa 75% unbanked - 326 Million Adults

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