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Fintech sector: Lending

Country of incorporation: United Kingdom

Year of incorporation: 2012

Funding raised: £39 million (44 million Euro)

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Christian Faes, Co-Founder & CEO

Mr Ian Thomas, Co-Founder & CIO

Mr Rod Lockhart, Managing Director

Elevator pitch

With £765 million (870 million euro) of lending capital, LendInvest operates Europe's leading marketplace platform for property lending and investing. It is a leading specialist real estate lender and investment manager based in London and Luxembourg, and one of the UK’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders. Using technology, LendInvest brings together all types of investors - from individuals through to the world's largest financial institutions - and connects them with borrowers to provide fast, flexible property finance.

Problem solved

  • The mortgage market is slow, outdated, and dominated by banks that are burdened with legacy loan books and old systems.
  • Investing in mortgages has been restricted to those with access to capital markets.

Solution / technology

  • LendInvest is building a new type of lender from the ground up that develops its own technology to provide fast, flexible mortgages in days not months, and to use datasets that enable the best possible credit quality control.
  • LendInvest is democratising access to invest in property loans, from private individuals to the world’s largest institutions via its multiple funding channels.


LendInvest is run by property specialists with a 10-year track record of disciplined, sustainable lending. Combining deep industry knowledge with technological ingenuity, LendInvest is making investing in property finance simpler and creating a better experience for its borrowers and investors.

Market size

The UK mortgage market is worth £300 billion a year

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