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Fintech sector: Robo-asset-manager, WealthTech

Team names, roles
and company contact

Patrick Dan Piller, C.E.O

Didier Dufraisse, C.I.O.

Elevator pitch

The first Robo-asset-manager designed for private portfolios that scans the world-wide financial markets to detect investment opportunities and provide positive performance whatever the global or local economic context. It provides a B.2.B. solution targeting HNWI portfolios, and a SaaS solution aimed at the general public.

Problem solved

- Detection of rising or falling trends in any financial markets.

- Automation of the continuous adaptation to changing economic context and of the search for investment opportunities.

Solution / technology

- Cloud serverless solution.

- Web-based customer interaction.

- Big data and machine learning techniques.


During turbulent or bear markets, the target of traditional Robo-advisors is to limit the potential losses through assets rebalancing. There is no will or ability to capture return in bear market through an absolute return approach that is today only used by successful Hedge Funds. As an alternative to these Robo-advisors, Licorne will offer absolute return to their clients.

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63.5 trillion USD, savings hold by worldwide HNWI.

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