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Lingua Custodia

Fintech sector: Artificial Intelligence applied to financial translations

Country of incorporation: France, Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2011

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Olivier Debeugny, Founding CEO
Mr Dr. Franck Burlot, Head of R&D
Mr Massinissa Ahmim, Head of Product Specialists
Mr Arezki Sadoun, Head of Data and Translation Project Management                             Mr Stéphanie Mogenot, Chief Marketing Officer

Elevator pitch

Making financial translations faster, cheaper and better through artificial intelligence.

Problem solved

Financial institutions to reduce resources, time and budget dedicated to translation and communicate in multiple languages to their clients in a very quick, efficient and inexpensive manner. Lingua Custodia is the only machine translation company that was founded by finance professionals to specifically address the translation issues of the financial industry.

Solution / technology

Lingua Custodia is specialised in the development of machine translation engines for the financial domain. Each of our translation engines is unique, built and trained for a specific purpose. Lingua Custodia has been gathering financial linguistic data for more than 7 years now and offers several levels of services to its clients:

Grant access to its specialist machine translation services designed by type of documents: fund prospectuses, fund reports, portfolio management commentaries, annual reports, research brochures, stock analysis report... Develop a dedicated and personalised machine translation solution for a financial institution: use the past translations of the company in order to train a dedicated translation software that will “learn” with the feedback provided by the user team and improve with time.

Lingua Custodia solution can be accessed in a secured manner through several web based interfaces or directly through an API. Our easy-to-adopt web interface is called VERTO. The user only needs to select the type of documents that is to be translated , the source and target languages, upload the document to translate (30+ formats are supported) and click translate. The translated document is then almost immediately available for download and no formatting is required as it has been preserved through the translation process. The user then can proceed to the review of the document in the target language and validate the translation that will be used to retrain the translation engines. Lingua Custodia can also propose specialised resources to review the translated documents on behalf of their clients.


Only Lingua Custodia is able to provide both expertise in machine learning applied to a massive financial data base and extensive knowledge of the financial context. Several companies are proposing machine translation solutions on the market and some financial institutions have tried those tools with mixed results, until today. The reason is that those companies are proposing machine translation solutions that are generalist (generic) and can’t be “trained” for a financial linguistic domain because they do not rely on Machine learning or because they have too little specialised data.

Market size

17k investment firms in Europe

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