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Fintech sector: Payment and Lending

Country of incorporation: Finland with offices in Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Spain

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Gaëtan Van Wynsberghe, Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jérôme Dave, Group Chief Operation Officer

Mr. Joachim von Schantz, Group Chief Information Officer

Mr. Juho Wallenius, Group Chief Marketing

Mr. Tomas Marty, Group Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Arnaud Jouanneau, Group Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Javier Pimentel, Group Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Oleg Kuzmin, Group Chief Data Scientist

Mrs. Nicole Lopez, Employee Experience Manager Lux/Spain

Elevator pitch

Mash is established in five European countries and its unique operational model is designed to deliver consumer finance and payment solutions instantaneously to customers at competitive prices. Mash is rapidly scaling across Europe utilizing advanced proprietary algorithms, machine learning and true end-to-end automated processes. Mash has been recognized as one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in Europe and was selected among 1800 peers to be part of the 2018 FINTECH50.

Problem solved

The proprietary system has the ability to on-board and transact with clients at significantly reduced time and cost compared with traditional consumer lending models. The Group has developed fully automated and scalable cloud-based solutions coupled with secure cross platform technology (ISO27001:2013-certified). Customers are on-boarded in real time and receive instantaneous autonomous credit, anti-money laundering (“AML”) and know your client (“KYC”) checks without ever having to visit a physical location. The automated credit assessment system uses 200 different data-points to instantly assess the credit risk of clients and is able to consider 1,800 credit applications per minute, with an individual decision delivered in under one second. The Group’s technology is both scalable and highly stable (99.97% uptime).

Solution / technology

Today, the Group has over 50,000 active customers and operates within two main product categories:



  • Revolving credit limits up to EUR 10,000. Launched in 2013
  • Branded consumer credit cards



  • Pay by invoice solutions for e-commerce stores on a white label and branded basis. Launched in 2017
  • Through an exclusive partnership with Verifone, the Group provides “pay-by-invoice” solutions at the physical point of sale. This provides a low-cost customer acquisition channel for the Group and is expected to materially accelerate revenue growth. Launched in 2017


Mash is focused on offering differentiated services that drive customer engagement and life time customer value:

  • High Customer Lifetime Value:  Whilst most competitors focus on delivering single loan products, Mash’s credit revolver drives long-term retention as customers use the product to help manage their financial life.  As a result, on a lifetime basis, the Group’s customer acquisition costs are low.
  • Service Quality: Mash aims to deliver exceptional service, as shown by its 12 months NPS average score of 53 (Average score from March 2017 to February 2018).
  • Speed: Unlike banks and many other fintech players, the Group’s autonomous automated systems enable instant credit decisions as well as the capacity to make funds available instantaneously.
  • Advantaged Modes of Customer Acquisition: Mash’s partnership agreement with Verifone is unique as it provides a) low cost customer acquisition at point of sale, b) scale distribution with two million daily transactions completed on the Finnish network alone, and higher quality customers via the point of sale and e-commerce channel

Market size

Approx. 220 bn EUR in new consumer loans granted each year in the EU

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