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Fintech sector: AI-driven Investment Advisory for Institutional Investors

Country of incorporation: United Kingdom

Year of incorporation: 2015

Funding raised: € 2 million

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Tommaso Migliore, CEO & Founder,


Mr Axel Maier, Global Business Development Strategist,


Mr Mauro Guerrini, Business Development Manager,

Elevator pitch

MDOTM is a fintech company that operates as an independent advisor to institutional investors. We offer them a suite of bespoke AI-Driven investment solutions to help them run cutting edge investment strategies.


We apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced statistical analysis techniques to large-scale financial data, in order to help our clients, create tailor-made investment portfolios to meet their own clients’ requirements.


MDOTM Ltd is an appointed representative of Thornbridge Investment Management LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Problem solved

Over the past 15 years, the Internet has democratized access to information, thus greatly reducing the competitive advantage of traditional information for investors. Moreover, always-changing market conditions and growing buy/sell activity in the financial markets, constantly produce a vast amount of data overload. 


In order to support our clients in the creation of new investment strategies, MDOTM has developed a suite of AI-driven investment solutions. We apply the scientific method to navigate through the complexity of financial markets, analysing millions of data points every day to find information hidden in the noise and thus build consistent strategies in the long run.

Solution / technology

By leveraging the power of cloud computing, big data, machine learning and AI, we assist our clients in their investment decisions through our services of:


  • Portfolio Diagnostic: AI-driven approach to review the client’s portfolio and improve efficiency
  • Asset Allocation Enhancement: bespoke input to enhance the client’s portfolio allocation
  • Portfolio Advisory: tailor-made, holistic AI-driven investment strategy.

Our investment strategies include Multi-Asset Allocation, Equity, Alternatives and ESG Investing.


  1. We are first-movers in developing cutting edge AI-driven investment solutions, combining the latest AI technologies and Machine Learning with the most advanced statistical techniques.
  2. Since the beginning, we combined talent with expertise. Our team of creative innovators, scientists and industry veterans, combined with our strategic research partnerships with top Universities, allows us to build the best AI investment solutions that major financial institutions can rely on.
  3. Our AI-driven solutions are able to identify relevant changes in market conditions and constantly adapt to new scenarios. As such, they are extremely useful to understand and take decisions in the complexity of financial markets.

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