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Fintech sector: Asset Management/Fund Services (Fundtech) & Workflow Management Tech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2019

Funding raised: Fully funded by Founder & Co-founder

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Darren Douglas, CEO

Elevator pitch

Problem solved

On average businesses are losing 20-30% in revenue each year due to inefficient and costly workflow management platforms. This is because they use multiple and generic ‘off the shelf’ workflow platforms that (1) cannot adapt to their complex business processes and (2) are very costly & difficult to make platform changes. They are not connected, scattered across multiple departments and are separately managed. We solve these problems by bringing multiple teams from multiple departments together onto one workflow platform. Our cutting-edge platform easily adapts to their processes and making platform configuration changes is easy and cost effective, unlike our competitors.

Solution / technology

We have designed and built a new, innovative workflow platform that brings multiple teams together from across the company to work on one single workflow. All collaborating to reach the same goal/project completion. It dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of workflow and time to revenue. Our platform is built from the ground up. The design and combination of the technology stack, which includes a Kubernetes engine, is what makes the platform truly unique and different. 


Our competitive advantage is that the platform is self-sustainable and self-managed. We have combined various cutting-edge technologies with a custom-built workflow engine “from the ground up” to create a platform that is easily adaptable to match our client’s specific needs. Not only is the platform purpose built to handle complex industry regulations, but the client can easily maintain and configure the platform themselves. In some competitor platforms it can take 6 months to change 1 field on a screen. With ours it can be done in minutes!

Market size

ong term, our product is a cross industry workflow solution. However, our initial target market is Asset and Fund Management in Luxembourg (Financial hub of Europe). In 2018 assets managed in Europe amounted to $23.1 trillion

Global asset management software is a $2.4b industry and the Global workflow management software market is estimated to become a $23b industry by 2024.

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