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Fintech sector: Payment, Blockchain, Digital Assets

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Vlad Centea, Business & Partnerships

Paul Mijoiu, Operations & Marketing

Ionut Negru, Product Development Lead

Elevator pitch

Banking for the blockchain generation.

Mobile p2p banking and digital assets morphing into one holistic solution through compliance and security leading the path to blockchain mass adoption.

Problem solved

Today most users of digital assets are kept outside the banking systems because the banks are not equipped to tackle compliance and technology necessary to work with public blockchains.

Banks have to pass on many big opportunities related to digital assets and their customers though they would like to be involved. is bridging that gap by building a reliant bridge between the banking world and the world of digital assets by creating compliant interfaces between all actors in the blockchain space and regulated financial institutions.

Solution / technology

Proprietary wallet solution for Ethereum and Bitcoin designed to comply with banking regulation.


The only banking grade wallet solution for management of digital assets.

First (open) protocol for blockchain identities for the financial sector.

Market size

200.000.000 users of digital assets and growing

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