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New Amsterdam Services

Fintech sector: Financial services operations automation & optimization

Country of incorporation: US, Europe

Year of incorporation: 2010

Elevator pitch

A hands-on team of experienced senior derivatives and securities operations experts to help financial service providers to optimize workflows, infrastructure and staffing needs by leveraging best-of-breed platforms and applications. Expanding the market of potential business opportunities from the Americas into Europe.

Problem solved

Implementation of comprehensive technology platform for a major LatAm investment bank.

Process improvement and resource management for U.S. subsidiary of a European investment bank

Solution / technology

Applying best-of-breed platform & optimization of operational workflows.


Senior expertise, broad and deep network of industry contacts. We “come in, do the job and get out of your way”; no long-term contractual obligations but highly targeted, clearly defined transformation projects.

Market size

Europe: >$10MM/year in consulting/contract fees around operational automation, workflow design and improvement opportunities for mid-size financial services firms.

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