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Fintech sector: Payments/ Banking

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg, Switzerland

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Raphael Nanlal, Compliance Officer

Elevator pitch

Numbrs has developed a leading mobile banking app (the “Numbrs App”), with which users can take control of their finances without having to depend on their bank. Numbrs aggregates bank accounts from over 3,500 banks, allowing its users to maintain a clear overview of their finances, as well as initiating transactions. Currently, Numbrs users manage over 1.5 million bank accounts in Germany alone. The Numbrs App was ranked the #1 (non-bank) banking app for iOS and Android. Our independence from banks makes us a trusted and impartial partner and provider for our users. The Numbrs group employs more than 130 people from all over the world and recently opened an office in Luxembourg.

Problem solved

The Numbrs App allows our users to manage their finances across various bank accounts using one platform. Our focus is on neutrality, simplicity and security, and our platform was therefore designed solely with the user’s best interest at heart.

Solution / technology



Numbrs is a technology company, and not a bank, and as such we place our whole focus on developing the best technology for our users.

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