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Fintech sector: Cryptocurrencies/ Blockchain

Country of incorporation: Belgium, Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Quentin Adam, CEO

Mr Maxime D’Hondt, COO

Mr Vallier Adam, CFO

Elevator pitch

Numerium3 is a leader in systematic trading strategies on cryptocurrencies.

Problem solved

Prices on different exchanges evolve in line but are not always identical due to lack of central clearing houses and market inefficiencies. Numerium3 has deduced interesting trading opportunities arising from market inefficiencies. Numerium3 has generated returns of more than 200% per year since 2013 with no down way.

Solution / technology

Numerium3 has developed automated trading algorithms that monitor the market 24/7 in real time and place high-frequency buy and sell orders across all the major crypto exchanges.

Numerium3 has developed a tool (Master API) that allows traders to place orders on all the major exchanges through a single interface

Numerium3 is developing trading strategies based on artificial intelligence

Numerium3 is developing a database containing historical data of all major exchanges to help traders back-test their strategies


Numerium3 has developed a network composed of group companies, brokers, bank accounts and crypto accounts all around the world that allows to test, apply and commercialise several strategies on all the major crypto exchanges. Furthermore, algorithms, robots and code lines are owned and developed in-house.

Market size

USD 300bn

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