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OKO Finance

Fintech sector: InsurTech, AgTech

Country of incorporation: Israel

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Simon Schwall, CEO

Mr Shehzad Lokhandwalla, CTO

Mr Théo Côme, Actuary

Elevator pitch

OKO leverages mobile and satellite technologies to provide automated crop insurance to emerging countries and provide a financial safety to smallholder farmers.

Problem solved

500 million smallholder farms in the world are lacking the financial safety net and the financial instruments to grow their businesses. 

Solution / technology

  • Fully automated insurance contracts, indexed to rainfall and other indexes to validate claim with no human intervention required
  • Cloud-based policy management system connected to mobile money and SMS-gateways to be accessible on any device.


  • Direct-to-customer distribution model allowing rapid scale
  • Ability  to design our own insurance products with a sophisticated risk assessment tool 

Market size

Potential global market size of USD 7.5Bn globally

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