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Fintech sector: Payments - and Banking-as-a-Service / Management of Currencies, Crypto, Smart Contracts, and Digital Assets

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg, Germany

Year of incorporation: 2016

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Christoph Tutsch, Managing Director

Mr Jürgen Schneider, Managing Director

Mr Torge Schwandt, Country Manager Luxembourg

Elevator pitch

ONPEX helps businesses build their own financial services. We provide multi currency IBAN accounts and acquiring powered by a flexible, API-driven SaaS   platform to create simple, compliant, and cost efficient payment and banking solutions. 

Problem solved

Businesses have been without access to API-based solutions to manage their payments and banking in a regulatory compliant environment.

Solution / technology

Banking-, Payments-, and Compliance-as-a-service

ONPEX’s white-label platform offers UI and API payments and banking, cloud-based infrastructure with bank level security, and regulatory as well as technical compliance. This includes client- and account management, IBAN issuing, multi-currency, SWIFT and SEPA transfers, foreign exchange, acquiring, card and APM collecting, settlements, reconciliation, onboarding, billing, and invoicing. 


All payment and banking services provided on a single platform by a regulated service provider.

Market size

218 Trillion USD by 2022 according to Juniper Research (B2B Money Transfer Market).

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