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Oxyliom Solutions

Fintech sector: RegTech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2020

Team names, roles
and company contact

Anwar EL BARAKA – CEO - +33 7 76 16 91 00 / +212 6 61 60 65 97 –


Youssef ZIZA – CTO - +212 6 69 28 15 26 – 

Problem solved

We help organizations to confidently implement advanced solutions to streamline business processes. From seamlessly managing the secure electronic identity of customers, and employees, to building Smart Secure Trusted services for digital transactions, Oxyliom guides entities step-by-step to a future that is safe and reliable, with regulatory sound and commercially compelling technology.

Solution / technology

Our all-in-one GAïA Trust Platform for managing electronic Identity and trust services is the unique platform offering the possibility to build a central trust platform that helps you to go to full compliance GDPR, eKYC, PSD2, eIDAS, NIST800–63-3 and others.


In the following a list of GAïA Trust Platform products:


GAïA Advanced Identity Management


  • IDentity Management
  • Access Management 
  • Data Governance
  • Intelligent Gateway


GAÏA Trust Services 


  • GAïAsign - electronic Signature Management
  • Check Document Identity
  • Key Management 
  • Archiving Vault

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