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Fintech sector: RegTech & Risk

Country of incorporation: Belgium, Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2015

Team names, roles
and company contact

Dr. Jan De Spiegeleer, CEO, Risk Analytics

Mr Lieven op de Beeck, CTO

Mr Karl Ottevaere, Business development

Prof. Dr. Wim Schoutens, Model Validation & Valuation

Mr Pieter Moors, Data Scientist

Elevator pitch

RiskConcile develops and deploys cloud-based risk solutions for the financial industry. Its first product, PriipsLab, is currently servicing asset management companies, insurance companies and service providers across Europe. Powered by its calculation engine and its expertise in financial markets, this solution produces an instantenous risk classification and documentation of financial instruments. PriipsLab completely automates the requirement of Regulation No 1286/2014 of the European Parliament to inform investors on the embedded risk in complex financial products.

Problem solved

PriipsLab offers a flexible solution to calculate the risk of financial instruments (=priips) according to EU Law. The different numerical outputs are combined into the required Key Information Document (KID) in every European language.

Solution / technology

PriipsLab is deployed on a cloud-environment (AWS). If required an on-premise installation can be done as well.


RiskConcile combines its theoretical knowledge in financial mathematics and machine learning with its experience in financial markets into the deployment of cloud based risk solutions. This capability gives RiskConcile an outspoken advantage compared to our competitors.
An extra advantage is its strategic link with one of Belgium’s leading universities (KU Leuven)

Market size

RiskConcile’s target market is the European asset management and Insurance industry. The European fund management industry is a 11 trillion EUR industry.

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