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Fintech sector: Blockchain, Crypto, RegTech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2015

Funding raised: €500K Seed A

Team names, roles
and company contact

Pierre Gérard, CEO & Co-founder

Laurent Kratz, Chairman & Co-founder

Lisa Boussard, Marketing Executive

Elevator pitch

We aim to help companies dealing with digital assets within Blockchains. We provide products and services to companies that are considering the Blockchain for their activities (Bitcoin Blockchain Analytics, PoCs, Trainings, etc.). We are continuously increasing our Blockchain competencies and put a lot of efforts in Research and Development. In this spirit, we lead the consortium Fundchain in Luxembourg to implement Blockchain solutions to the funds industry with key stakeholders of the financial center.

Problem solved

  • Provide compliance tools for Blockchain assets (AML, Know Your Transaction, Risk Scoring, Tax and audit reporting, Ownership proofs etc.)
  • Provide Blockchain knowledge with trainings and workshops
  • Provide tech and business skills for Proof-of-Concepts and Products development

Solution / technology

  • Blockchain Intelligence for Bitcoin AML
  • Blockchain skills for project assessment and development
  • Data aggregation and sentiment analysis for crypto investors


  • The only actor that provides customized risk management with the possibility to define its own scoring index
  • Unique clusterization algorithm
  • User friendly dashboard and data visualization
  • Technology agnostics

Market size

  • Companies willing to operate with the Bitcoin ecosystem
  • Audit firms serving regulated Bitcoin Companies
  • Investigators, Law enforcement agencies
  • Banks dealing with Bitcoin related clients
  • Insurance and financial services
  • All companies willing to innovate within Blockchains

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