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Fintech sector: Cybersecurity, RegTech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Jorg Reinking, CEO
Vlad Centea, CTO

Elevator pitch

Secourriel is the gold standard of secure messaging.

Secourriel is transforming classic email and messaging into a secure, contract ready trusted solution:


  • Strong demand drivers force the financial sector to adopt secure messaging soon – 2018 is a key deadline
  • Platform is tried and tested – important for sensitive data
  • Only we have an unsurpassed B2B ability

Problem solved

  • Lack of conveniece in encryption solutions – lack of acceptance
  • eBanking does not cover non-standardised communication, in particular B2B
  • Financial institutions cannot use email for confidential communication as it is a high-risk-media, when no additional measures are taken
  • EU regulation stipulating encryption and a immediate communication (GDPR, MiFID 2, PSD 2)
  • Litigation risk, when no evidence of transmission/ read is available (message is disputable)

Solution / technology

We are leveraging of a proven cybersecurity platform (regify technology), Secourriel will run and transform the platform locally in line with Luxembourg law and banking regulation.

  • The users keep their existing e-mail addresses or other communication identifiers.
  • This service is deeply customised for the financial industry and fully compliant to EU and Luxembourg specific regulation (e.g. CSSF and CNPD).
  • Preconfigured, PSF ready turnkey solution.
  • All common platforms supported: Web based, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Mac OS, Thunderbird (incl. Linux), Android, iOS.
  • Central transaction register to provide proof of dispatch and receipt to senders.
  • Integration: Plug in/ APIs and SDK available – or SaaS solution in our Tier IV data centre.


  • Only we have an unsurpassed B2B ability
  • Re-use of existing mailing solutions at client
  • Evidence of read/opening message from a PSF company
  • Fits organisational model of large corporations (delegation)<:li>
  • Audit trail
  • Paper-less
  • Convenience and network effect (this is why many solutions developed by banks are not accepted or too costly to adopt)

Market size

1st key driver: 360 million financial business emails in Luxembourg p.a.
(source: Radicati Group, Inc., Email Statistics Report, 2015 - 2019, own calculations)

  • 120 billion business emails per day globally (2017e)
  • 3% growth p.a.
  • 32 business emails sent per user/day (250 business days used in further calculations)
  • 45,000+ business email users in the Lux finance industry
  • Costly printing of confidential documents can be replaced*
  • 20 - 1,500 confidential documents per investment client p.a.*
  • Insurance policies and life & health insurance health reports

2nd key driver: 4,000+ entities in the financial-ecosystem of Luxembourg

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