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Fintech sector: Regtech, Fundtech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2012

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Nicolas Buck, CEO

Ms Susanne Schartz, COO

Ms Vania Henry, CMO

Tel + 352 27 32 66

Elevator pitch

With our web-based solution FundD, asset managers, asset servicing companies and custodians easily produce and distribute core regulatory fund documentation, such as:


> Prospectus

> Data Dissemination

> Application forms

> Shareholder letters



FundD significantly improves the accuracy, efficiency and traceability of production, translation and electronic distribution from the usual more cumbersome and potentially inaccurate manual update.

Problem solved

Ever-changing regulation, the growing scope of products, the shifting distribution landscape and multiple stakeholders editing documents means clients use our cutting-edge technology to :

> Reduce operational cost

> Fast-track products to market

> Ensure legal compliance and minimise risk

> Take better decisions

Solution / technology

Our web-based solution is offered as Software as a Service that can be accessed by our clients anytime from anywhere.


FundD is a smart RegTech solution for a niche market; we offer a highly sophisticated tool that is unique in the market. Our main strengths and advantages are our deep industry expertise coupled with a profound understanding of the regulatory framework our clients operate in. They value our agility as well as our capability, willingness and flexibility to quickly respond to market requirements.

This shows in our commitment to continuous improvement and our regular releases of new functions in response to legal and market requirements.

Market size

> Asset managers, fund managers, manufacturers of structured products and insurance players offering PRIIPs

> Located in Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, US & Singapore mainly

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