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Swiftr S. à r.l.

Fintech sector: Data driven ticketing solution (Digital membership solution )

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg, Sweden

Year of incorporation: 2020 Luxembourg; 2016 Sweden

Team names, roles
and company contact

Denisa Šustalová – Managing Director 

Elevator pitch

Swiftr app solution provides access to more than 30 + top quality studios, gyms, sport clubs across Luxembourg. Convenience and cost-effective membership. 

Problem solved

Variety of trainings such as gym yoga martial arts tennis etc. requires multiple memberships and costly. 


Swiftr provides many training forms with one membership. 

Solution / technology

  • Customer friendly application, Download the app - register and train 
  • One membership – One Price - Unlimited Training
  • Book your classes via app


First Mover In Luxembourg, Knowledge of health industry, Healthy lifestyle, Digitalize access to training  

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