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Szmart Blockz

Fintech sector: Blockchain

Country of incorporation: Germany, Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Dennis Roßbach, Founder & CEO

Elevator pitch

Szmart Blockz is using blockchain technology to help being fraud save and clean for reporting, e.g. audits, compliance, etc. Strangers within the company are approving the orders, contracts, suppliers, etc. Szmart Blockz is a private blockchain tailored to the company needs in Procurement for the P2P process (Purchase to pay).

Problem solved

Preventing misuse of internal workflows and provide audit proof reports.

Solution / technology

Blockchain technology with approvals in a block. Genesis block issued to the CEO, COO, CPO, Manager, etc. (company specific)


> 8 years professional experience in Procurement in Consulting, Defence industry and Banking. Special functions for approval workflow and compliance. Developer > 10 years professional experience in programming, e.g. in AI.

Market size

Global. Focus on Medium sized companies and Fortune companies. Focus on Finance, Insurance, Defence and Automotive.

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