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Fintech sector: AI, Regtech, Fundtech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2014

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Christian Gillot, Founder & CEO

Elevator pitch

Every day, millions of people process manually the same kind of documentation produced by thousands of different actors. It is slow, expensive and cannot scale. Tetrao has developped an artificial intelligence, uniquely capable to reliably automate those processes. We are already making a difference for our customers, live for business onboarding and funds documentation.

Problem solved

Automation of complex processes involving documents written for humans, especially about businesses (f.i. bylaws, business register extract) and funds documentations (f.i. KIID, PRIIPS, Annual reports, Prospectus, etc).

Solution / technology

Proprietary Adaptative Artificial Intelligence capable to take control of an Internet browser like a human being and process PDF and Web documentation.


Our automation technology is the only one on the market that simulates the human behavior so that it can reliably automate processes by being insensitive to technical and layout modifications in websites and PDF documents.

Market size

120 billion USD by 2020

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