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Fintech sector: Big Data & AI

Country of incorporation: Uruguay

Year of incorporation: 2009

Team names, roles
and company contact

Sebastian Gonzalez, CEO,


Ernesto Rodríguez, COO,


Alan Descoins, CTO,


Martin Fagioli, BDM,


Pablo Villaluenga, BD EMEA,

Elevator pitch

We are a Machine Learning consulting company. We help process intensive companies create business value by partnering throughout all the phases of Machine Learning development journey, from the very inception in R&D to putting these systems into production and scaling their internal team. All the IP (intellectual property) of the solutions we develop belongs to the client and we mainly leverage open source technologies to build them. 


We have been in business since 2009, working for a variety of companies and industries, such as for the financial sector. We collaborate in projects across the globe, while our main market is US. Some our clients include Allianz Global Investors, Bain & Company.


We are now about 55 people, and our team mainly is based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Problem solved

Business problem: a lot of processes are being done manually, optimizations could be done with machine learning powered intelligent systems.


Expertise: hard for companies to acquire machine learning skills (lack of talent, expensive).


ROI: show results before unlocking budget for hiring a machine learning team.


ML organization: Hard to convert into a machine learning organization (for hiring).

Solution / technology

The core expertise is around all things NLP (Natural Language Processing), computer vision (understanding images and videos) and predictive analytics (predicting future outcomes), where we have been doing a lot of work lately especially demand forecasting/price optimization.


We solve hard software engineering problems.


Deep expertise in computer vision and text analysis.


Solid team that does not rotate.


Multiple successful projects, track record.


Competitive price compared with machine learning consulting firms.

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