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Fintech sector: Regtech / Fundtech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Laurent Denayer, CEO

Elevator pitch

ume (‘you-me’) has been designed to respond to the asset management industry demands for an effective automated framework for the due diligence of fund distributors.

Problem solved

  • Management companies (ManCos) are performing due diligence on their fund distributors using their own questionnaire (DDQ)
  • This process is still very manual and consume a lot of ressources
  • ManCos have a partial view of their distributors (iceberg view)
  • ManCos on the same time have difficulties to find new distributors

Solution / technology

  • Streamline due diligence exercise via an mutualized and standardized DDQ
  • Use of data analytics
  • Access to overall population of participating distributors (Trip Advisor like solution)


Unique technology + team experience and knowledge of the fund industry

Market size

Management companies distributing funds on a cross-border basis (mainly located in Luxembourg and Ireland)
Estimated costs dedicated on due diligence of fund distributors: EUR 250 million

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