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Unicorn Nest S.a r.l.

Fintech sector: fundtech, startup4startups, bigdata/AI/ML

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2020

Funding raised: undisclosed

Team names, roles
and company contact

Denis Dovgopoliy, CEO


Olexander Udodenko, CIO


Andriy Khantil, Legal & Administrative


Feliks Indenbaum, CFO


Sviatoslav Sviatchenko, Head of non-equity financing

Elevator pitch

We suggest the most relevant investors from the comprehensive, verified and constantly updated dataset for startups and build effective workflow in fundraising process.

Problem solved

Fundraising is complicated, continuous, exhausting and expensive process for startups.


  • Founders core competence is to build business, not to raise funds
  • Most famous VSs are overloaded by dealflow and due diligence
  • Reporting system for VCs eats a lot of resources in prejudice of operations

Solution / technology

UN for startups: $150 for 150 hrs & relevant list


Unicorn Nest is saas which suggests the most relevant investors from the comprehensive, verified and constantly updated dataset for startups looking to raise seed, series A and B.


Value proposition: save your time with good false negative/ false positive ratio and prioritise your resources on fundraising process.


Scoring: Funds (founding date, # of deals, # of exits, # of unicorns), Geo (geo of funds, geo of portfolio, geo of birth, study, work)


Magic: We can show “invisible” investors


Matching: Industry, Amount, Geo, MRR, market, biz model etc


  • comprehensive, verified and constantly updated dataset
  • algorithms
  • startup centric

Market size

VC Capital Market $340B in 34k deals (all rounds raised at 2018, annual growth 15% during last 20 years)


PAM - $12B total spent for fundraising (consultants, IB, legal, travels, services ets) by startups


TAM - $4B total spent for Linkedin, Crunchbase, Pipedrive, investors, advisers bases and other product to support fundraising now


SAM - $1B (up to 20% of all startups in fundraising process can spend $1000 per annum for our products)


SOM - $200M (potential of Revenue in 7 years)

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