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Fintech sector: Cybersecurity

Country of incorporation: USA

Year of incorporation: 2013

Funding raised: $20 million

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Bimal Gandhi, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Robert Levine, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Chief Security Officer

Mr. Nishant Kaushik, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Paul Anderson, VP of Business Development

Mrs. Julie Suter, VP of Marketing and Communications

Elevator pitch

We Make Connecting Safe. We eliminate every major vector of fraud and breach utilizing an innovative approach to security which gives 100% certainty of the user and drives an amazing customer experience across all channels.

Problem solved

Customer first security designed for today’s needs. Safety, Simplicity, and Consistency across all channels. Complete elimination of burdensome elements such as passwords, codes, PII, or one-off tokens. Natural and real time interactions that increase engagement. Allows you to add capability and transactions that the clients want without risk. Ability to transact via email, voicemail, and chat.

Solution / technology

Intelligent Endpoint Threat Detection - rootkit, jailbreak, malware, app tampering and network attack detection. Proofed User Identity - Identity Verification during App Enrolment. Trusted Devices and Apps - Device profiling and Fingerprinting and app verification. Invisible Multifactor Authentication - User Biometrics + Device ID + Cryptographic Credentials. Secure Channel - Data encryption in transit from app to bank services protecting all business APIs from attack eliminating need for VPN. Non-Repudiated Transaction Signing - Cryptographic digital signing.


Any financial organization from 1000 clients upwards.
Largest customer has over 5 million clients using thetechnology.

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