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Fintech sector: Equity Research Data Analytics

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2019

Funding raised: Pre-seed: €50k Fit4Start government grant

Team names, roles
and company contact

Martin MIGGE, CEO,

Elevator pitch

Valuu Analytics empowers self-directed, individual investors to analyze stock-listed companies. It gives them confidence to make informed investment decisions and saves precious time in their research process.

Problem solved

The equity research process is too complex and time-consuming for individual (non-professional) stock investors; therefore, they tend to make decision based on “gut feeling”.

Solution / technology

Subscription service to access reliable financial information that allows users to use this information to perform instant fundamental analyses of any stock-listed company.


  • Simple user interface that adapts to the level of investment experience of the user
  • Consumer-friendly company identification (brands &logos vs. ticker symbols, ISINs, etc)
  • Global market coverage in a localized format (language, currencies, notations, etc.)

Market size

10M+ private households in EU & USA (2.5% of total population) that pick individual stock and keep them as a long-term investment.

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