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Fintech sector: Blockchain

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Alexander Tkachenko, CEO, Founder

Vladimir Khanumyan, Chairman

Dominique Valschaerts, Member of the Board

Problem solved

Venture capital plays a vital role in supporting innovations and entrepreneurship and is one of the most attractive investment classes.

Yet, the majority of institutional and 'main street' investors are not able to invest due to limitations of expertise and capital requirements as well as a long capital lock up (average time to liquidity is 10 years).

These barriers stall the development of the VC industry, forcing venture investors to focus on less riskier later stage deals, while raising the bar and reducing support for early stage startups. VNX is building a marketplace to bring together VC funds and investors from all over the world to solve VC industry liquidity problem.

Solution / technology

Tokenization as an instrument enables investors to get access to the to future proceeds from the exits in investment portfolios of VC funds and startup accelerators. By tokenizing their investments and making them tradeable on a liquid secondary market, VC fund managers will be able to significantly reduce the capital locked up for their existing investors (limited partners) and attract a much broader investor base.


  • An industry leading team with proven track record in building and running multi-billion dollar public companies
  • Support in Luxembourg in development of a new blockchain infrastructure project
  • Working with the top legal and “Big 4” audit firms to ensure full regulatory compliance within the EU and Luxembourg
  • Strong international technology team enhanced by industry leading partnerships, such as with the University of Luxembourg’s SnT Center – one of the top European blockchain research labs
  • Strong relationships with top EU-based crypto exchanges

Market size

$620 billion global venture capital industry

Relevant links

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