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Vouch Digital

Fintech sector: Money transfers / Digital Payments

Country of incorporation: Uganda

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Ms Evelyn Namara, Founder & CEO

Mr Najja Najibulla Sendege, Co-Founder & CTO

Elevator pitch

The Vouch platform is an online verified digital supply chain platform that enables donors to offer cash donations to communities, both conditional and non-conditional payments with three underlying principles: Transparency of payments made and recipients, Traceabiility of each transaction (end to end) and Accountability of each payment made (both donor and recipient side). 

The platform has in the past delivered payment vouchers for purchase of goods and services such as hermetic storage, seeds, fertilizers, medical equipment as well as farming equipment.

Problem solved

Fraud and corruption marring cash and donation-based programs

Solution / technology

Working on an identity verification toolkit that will help provide clear identification of aid recipients and a digital platform that enables donors to transfer payments to verified recipients.


Product toolkit (in development) for proper verification and identification of aid recipients in Sub-Saharan Africa: [Our research shows that most fraud occurs because recipients are not well identified and verified]

Market size

Over $100 Billion is delivered in foreign aid world-wide, majority of this coming to the global south. Over half of recipients targeted by foreign aid are from Sub Saharan Africa and have no legal identity. (500m people)

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