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Fintech sector: Investment

Country of incorporation: Syria, Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Saleem Najjar, CEO
Mr Rami Alattar, Stock Market Analyst

Mr Emad Aljaghasi, CTO

Elevator pitch

Yapip enables investors and traders to maximize their profit and avoid losing money in the stocks and currencies trading market through sharing.

Problem solved

95% of traders lose their capital while trying to make profit, it helps traders and investors to be part of the 5% who win in this market.

Also, average trader can analyse up to 20 charts a day, while Yapip can analyse thousands of charts and stocks a day.

Solution / technology

An algorithm that keeps analysing hundreds of trading charts of markets around the world in order to share the best opportunities.
At some point, the algorithm will start learning from the winning and losing opportunities/signals.


Personalization: Each signal is different as it takes into consideration the single trader conditions.

Auto-investing: As the recommendations and signals can be applied on auto- pilot mode without the need of trader interfering.

Market size

10 millions investors and traders in the MENA region.

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