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Zetako S.a r.l.

Fintech sector: Data Compression, Encryption

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2020

Funding raised: EUR 500.000

Team names, roles
and company contact

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard (CEO)

Elevator pitch

The amount of data is exploding creating bottlenecks in infrastructure as well as large consumption of energy. Our technology provides lossless data compression at very low energy consumption and with the capability of doing bit-by-bit compression, allowing for bandwidth reduction. 

Problem solved

Our technology does lossless compression at better speed (+30%), better ratio (+30%) and with 70% less energy usage.

Solution / technology

Software installed on point A and point B in a data stream. 


We have developed and patent pending, a new math theory based on statistical predictive model and applied this to data compression.

Market size

As our technology can be applied to many different layers of the internet, we have a very large addressable market. The Data Centre industry is worth >$100 Bln annually and expected to grow to $176 Bln by 2030

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